The Power of NxCore Compression Technology Fueled by Financial Data from QUODD

Expand and Accelerate Your Access to Market Data

Imagine a data feed so fast it’s almost as if you’re located next door to the exchange—except in this low latency world you can be located anywhere. And it’s not just one exchange, it’s more than 20 North American exchanges all compressed into a single feed. The cherry on top: this accelerated speed and expansive access is affordable, giving you a trading edge while preserving your margins.

This trading dream world is real with QUODD’s partnership with Nanex’s NxCore market data. Whether you’re a quant firm, an online trading platform, or a solo trader, your ability to take advantage of real-time data for trading more efficiently or designing investment strategies increases exponentially thanks to the power of Nanex’s NxCore compression technology fueled by financial data from QUODD.

Read on and take a closer look at how this partnership elevates your capabilities or contact us to get access.


One part QUODD: Affordable, comprehensive market data

Opportunity can appear at any time on any exchange. If you’re crunching the numbers, feeding them into your algorithms and machine learning programs, you’re consuming terabytes of tick-by-tick real-time data points.

Today, successfully trading equities, options, futures, and indexes from NASDAQ to NYSE,, CME to ICE-US requires an unimaginable amount of data. Because this data load is so enormous, most data vendors make you choose a limited number of symbols. But what happens when opportunity happens outside your selection? These opportunities never appear on your radar.

That’s why QUODD developed a partnership with Nanex as an efficient way for market participants to receive real-time data. We’ve leveled access so you can get financial market data wherever you want, whenever you want, without taking a big bite from your profits. Through Nanex, you can also get historical data going back to 2004—access an extensive data inventory for developing and fine-tuning models and algorithms. Total visibility plus convenient access means you’re positioned to recognize and act on the opportunity the instant it arrives. 


One part Nanex: NxCore data compression

With our flexible data feed model, QUODD eliminates every barrier to comprehensive market data. But for some, how much is enough? If you could call every symbol in each exchange, it would quickly exceed your bandwidth and hardware limitations. That’s where Nanex’s NxCore data compression comes in. With blazing-fast compression technology, NxCore pushes all of the symbols in each exchange to you. Our partnership enables you to have as much as you want.


The power of compression fueled by comprehensive data

With the combination of QUODD and NxCore, data is broken out at the exchange level, not the symbol level, like some of the major players. With no symbol limits, you get every symbol in every exchange you subscribe to. NxCore is the only internet-based market data solution that delivers this deep coverage. When milliseconds count, this ultra-high speed data flow is the closest thing to having a direct connection to the exchanges without having to deal with the hassles of licensing, IT or infrastructure issues of being co-located to exchanges. The QUODD-Nanex partnership delivers the trading advantage right to your terminal—at a fraction of the cost.


One-stop for fast data feeds

By working together, QUODD and Nanex make it easy to get all the data and service you need. You get exponentially more power, but just one consolidated invoice—along with a unified customer service team.

The QUODD-Nanex partnership makes customer service simple. There’s only one QUODD customer service number you need to call for service questions. (Should you need technical assistance, the experts at Nanex are always ready to supply support).

QUODD’s customer service also makes sure that you have the exchange licenses you need and collects the exchange fees—eliminating the risk of back billing. Too many firms have found themselves knee-deep in a bureaucratic quagmire trying to sort through each exchange’s specific rules and pricing structures. We alleviate that paperwork.

Worse, some firms suddenly find themselves burdened with an unanticipated large user charge. When your team should be working on trading strategies and using funds to generate returns, you don’t want to divert time and financial resources to dealing with exchange administration. We make sure you are billed accurately.

The QUODD-Nanex relationship revolutionizes how financial market data is consumed, strategies developed, margins protected, and opportunities realized. Contact us to learn more about how you can take advantage of the power of Nanex’s NxCore compression technology fueled by financial data from QUODD.

Lower Cost of Ownership with High-Quality, Flexible Market Data

While fees have decreased, the cost of financial market data has risen. This is a troubling disconnect that constrains your competitive edge. The legacy model of data delivery requires subscribing to comprehensive sets of data, regardless of the securities of interest. In contrast, innovative technology is quickly changing how the world operates, offering opportunities for more tailored options. Financial market data delivery is one area ripe for a higher-service, price-flexible alternative.

New technologies democratize financial market data delivery

Building on what were once-new technologies, the largest data feed players have grown to dominate. Theirs is now a one-size-fits-all approach—and with it, they command market share, generating massive revenue streams. Their plans don’t typically differentiate between sprawling financial enterprises or RIA boutiques: recipients get the same package, give or take. And while technological advancements have made it easier to collect, capture, store, and deliver data, the pervading business model continues to restrain both flexibility and affordability.

In contrast, newer data delivery providers are not tied to a traditional platform. Because there are no legacy concerns to work around, these next-generation cloud-based offerings can harness innovative technology—and offer welcomed nimbleness and affordability.

Doesn’t it serve you better to have an extensive library of global market data to pick and choose from? Rather than having another entity set format, wouldn’t it be ideal to have your data customized for the way you’ll actually use it? With a flexible model, your data partner can provide a competitive advantage, enabling you to use the money saved to enhance client servicing, marketing, analytics, and growth initiatives.

The future of financial market data

Here at QUODD, we see a new future: one that’s driven by value, not the dictates of others. One that puts end-users in control of the financial market data they receive and how it is delivered. And one in which when you ask a question, there’s a QUODD in-house specialist on the other end to help—just the way you service your best clients.

To ensure we service your market data needs these are the 3 solutions that we offer:

  • The Equity+ Securities Workstation for RIAs, equity dealers, investment advisory firms and traders. Customize your dashboard to view market quotes, charts, news, and fundamental data from any device. Provide the customer service your clients want and make more informed investment decisions. And when you need support, QUODD’s team is readily available.
  • Real-time data for financial institutions and fintech service providers and developers. Ultra fast data feeds from all North Americas securities exchanges. Use QUODD APIs to fuel your applications.
  • End-of-day data to support financial institution mid- and back-office operations. Global, customizable, affordable—start your trading day with information on pricing/evaluations, dividends, corporate actions, and reference data terms and conditions on equities, options, mutual funds, ETPs, international funds, and fixed income.

More flexibility. Greater customization. Better service. These factors are what help you compete. Let QUODD show you how we can fuel your business with affordable, comprehensive financial market data.

With AUM Under Pressure, How Can You Leverage Your Market Data to Boost Your Margins?

Wildfires, floods, hurricanes, terrorism, pandemic. Locally or globally, catastrophe has been arriving with greater frequency and intensity than ever before. Many of these incidents have also heralded significant market swings. But none have been so drastic and sudden as the one caused by the coronavirus.

In just weeks, the global financial markets lost historic chunks of value. With AUM down significantly, wealth managers and financial advisors are under tremendous pressure to protect margins. Where can you cut costs rapidly? You might start by looking at your financial market data provider.

It’s not a question of doing away with market intelligence and up-to-the-minute financial data—you must have these to continue operating effectively. But how much data is necessary? And how much should you be willing to pay for it? If you are using a legacy mega-provider, then you could be paying too much for more data than you actually need.

Financial market data for wealth managers: not a one-size-fits-all endeavor

The legacy platforms target the enterprise-level user. Their business models work well if you need a vast breadth of market data—across hundreds of users.

If you are an independent RIA, fintech platform developer, wealth management service provider, or financial advisor, this isn’t necessarily the case. When margins are at issue, the last thing you need is to pay for information you are never going to look at—and which provides little to no value for your clients.

The impact isn’t just in dollars

Not only do the most prominent financial market data players dominate market share: they restrict choices. Theirs is a commercial model geared toward very few use cases, not a flexible platform that can adjust to customers’ endlessly varying needs.

In a far more customized environment, content and fees align with specific use cases. For example, does your firm need data to assist with trade execution or within a stock screen? As an online advisor platform, your data and format needs differ from those of a large, traditional RIA—shouldn’t this be reflected in your data package? If you’re an equity-focused shop, you don’t need fixed income data. If your wheelhouse is domestic investments, you can do without European exchanges. A flexible license lets your firm subscribe to—and pay for—only the content you need.

The excess hits your wallet—but also your time. More specifically, too much data:

  • Increases expenses. In turbulent markets, you need to preserve every dollar. Paying for feeds you don’t need is never a good use of money, especially now.
  • It consumes valuable time. When markets fluctuate wildly, you need to be laser-focused on the intelligence that matters most to your clients. Receiving data in a format that’s designed around someone else’s needs works great for them. Converting data into your most usable format will carve out fresh efficiencies—and allow you to apply them to your highest value: servicing existing clients, and finding new ones.

McKinsey’s take: “You simply don’t have time.” 

High volatility and significant capital market losses caused by the COVID-19 crisis “can affect how wealth-management firms operate. In the immediate term, the priority is to sustain investor confidence and protect business through continued engagement and communication with the customers,” says a recent McKinsey & Company special report, adding, “In a scenario where physical situations such as face-to-face meetings are avoided, many wealth-management firms may find it difficult to bring new clients on board and increase the share of wallet with existing clients.”

In other words, in the current environment, the priorities of wealth managers and RIAs are to lower costs to protect margins—and monitor how market movements impact client portfolios—and proactively communicate this information to clients. With suddenly constrained resources, the last thing you’re able to do is sift through excess data. You simply don’t have time.

Out of catastrophe rises opportunity

A financial market data feed provider like QUODD is specifically designed to provide accurate, customized, and affordable data feeds to wealth advisors. QUODD furnishes the same high-quality data as industry-dominant providers, but with greater flexibility, so you only pay for what you need, exactly how you need it.

With greater control over your data feeds, QUODD clients can realize much lower costs—saving an average of 25% over competitive data provider solutions. In addition, a flexible data feed solution makes it easier to keep a pulse on client investments and stay alert to the most relevant news.

While the bull market thrived for nearly a decade, it was easy to be comfortable with standard offerings. But times have changed, and margins are much slimmer. Out of crisis lies opportunity.

Now is the time to re-evaluate your cost of doing business, and find savings where you can. Contact QUODD for a demonstration of our Equity+ Securities Workstation, End-of-day Data, and Real-time Data Feeds and start lowering your data costs right away.